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Sexy, Bold, and Beautiful

Written by Jacquelina Martinez

The Brazilian brand, PatBo, did not disappoint this year on the runway. Their sexy, bold, and

beautiful cutout pieces captivated the features of the modern women. Fashion times has

described this year’s PatBo’s fall collection as a “modern interpretation of old school glamour” and we are here for all of it.

Their white going-out dresses were the most captivating and fascinating to see. The way they were able to make cut outs in the dresses that accentuated the boldness of the women’s body was very intriguing to see.

PatBo signature evening wear included cascading gowns and sheer panels with just a dash of subtle sensuality. Designer of PatBo Patricia Bonaldi told Fashionista “This collection is a tribute to all women that work with me and inspire me [such as] my artisans [and] every woman that I am inspired by. It is about women, made by women for women.” PatBo’s mantra certainly was displayed on stage this week for their 2024 fall collection.

PatBo's Fall 2024 collection leaves us wanting more. Its a tantalizing glimpse into Bonaldis creative vision, hinting at the evolution of "old-school glamour" for the modern women. Will she continue to push boundaries? Will this collection inspire other designers to redefine classic aesthetics? One things for sure: PatBo's runway show has sparked a conversation, and were eager to see where the dialogue leads.


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