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Disrupshion Presents 


(Fashion Advancement Starts Today) 

Scholarship Initiative for African Americans Starting a Small Business!

The scholarship was established to provide financial assistance to African American or Black entrepreneurs to help fund the typical start-up fees for a small business. The scholarship money is to help aide the small business entrepreneur cover the basics of starting their company. Some examples include correctly filing for their LLC, and paying for and creating a logo and website. There will be 2 recipients awarded each year.


Coming Winter 2023

Scholarship Description

Potential recipients do not have to be college degree holders, but higher education is preferred. Selected applicants will have to be United States citizens. Along with an application, qualified applicants must submit a video answering specific questions as well as a business proposal.

More information to come. 

Want to send in a donation?

Please donate at the link below.


Applications will be released Fall 2023!

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