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Meet the Plastics - PH5 and the Magic of Sustainability

Bold colored tights, neon face netting, innovative layering and recycled, reinvented plastic - PH5 is where creativity and sustainability meet. Designer Wei Lin transformed her knitwear brand into a sustainable high fashion dream, working with fellow designer Zoe Champion to reinvent plastic for their Fall Ready to Wear line that debuted at NYFW Saturday morning.

PH5 cares about the future of fashion, and our planet, using recycled materials and a futuristic approach to design to create a collection that pushes boundaries with a purpose. The show was an ode to deep sea life, with nods like a reworked puffer life vest, plastic slip dresses peeking out of knit gowns, and their signature wavy trimming in bold pinks and icy blues, an undeniable nod to the ocean.

Lin's signature knitwear was present in the collection, reinventing how we assume knits are used. Knit dresses and bikini bottoms were paired with puffer coats and bright shiny leggings and winter gloves. Pieces were strategically layered while remaining fun and unpredictable, right in line with how outfits are being layered today's fashion.

There's power in the ability to blend innovation and purpose. Plastic was used, both creatively and purposefully. Plastic veils, slips, and belts were beautifully worn, while making it impossible to miss the message behind this collection. The cherry on top - a plastic backdrop that models played with, using fluid lines that mimicked the great big blue.

The fun didn't stop at the outfits - PH5's use of accessories elevated every look as well as the general message of the brand. The models wore classic and comfortable sneakers, as well as bright face nets that mimic those that catch fish. Recycled materials were used to weave handbags together, and models wore winter gloves with their bright spring leggings - the juxtaposition was a subtle nod to climate change and the general disarray of our world. But in the midst of the disarray, fashion, and our world, remain beautiful, colorful and fluid. A fashionable alarm to all of us to pay attention to our planet, and the role our plastic consumption adds to the problem. A beautiful and fun way to send a meaningful message to everyone - and especially this new generation of fashion lovers.

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