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Sukeina’s Fall/Winter '23 collection had us feeling elevated in our seats

By, Andi Manakdan


The looks in this collection are what you wear when you want to make an impactful entrance. Each model at Sukeina's show had an elegance and a type of confidence that could hush a room to silence. It's giving, "I can feel you staring at me... don’t stop.” There was power in the way every look made spectators' spines straighten and eyebrows tighten. Designer Omar Salam‘s tailoring was meticulous and masterful, leaving no room for mystery. The Sukeina woman showed up to tell you exactly who she is. Embrace her or get out of the way.

"Waves & Wavs," by Ahmed Spins featuring Lizwi, roared as models were gliding down the runway. Our necks were elongated every time we saw a turtle neck, sharp collar, and mock neck. Gold zipper details and an exaggeration of zigzag stitching gave the collection a fierce edge. An elegant feature designed for day or night.

The brand's perfect and precise tailoring highlighted in every look showed up to pierce us with detail and craftsmanship. The collection was thorough; with pencil skirts, suspender dresses over blouses, and zip-up jackets layered on top of collared button-downs being the main themes. Each look was styled with black tights, natural make-up, black heels, and hair pulled back. Additionally, Sukeina's collection featured skin hugging silhouettes, hiked sleeves, and sheer tops. These garments left the audience feeling inspired to be daring and bold in a way that feels relaxed and comfortable.

The finale look worn by supermodel Coco Rocha was a black sheer top with a white collar. As Rocha danced onto the runway, she brought our attention to the shimmering sleeves and sequin bralette. She then gave us a few twirls down the catwalk to show off the black high-low skirt with a loud hot pink fabric layered underneath. This look will certainly be snatched for a glamorous red-carpet moment.

[Photos courtesy of Vogue Runway]

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