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Private Policy’s Fall '23 Collection Roared at NYFW

By, Andi Manakdan


Creative directors Haoran Li and Siying Qu brought a different energy to NYFW. Their powerful show encouraged audience members to explore their wild side. The show began with some interpretive movement where dancers in fox masks shuffled onto the runway carrying lanterns. This beautiful spectacle set the tone for the collection.

This show stayed true to the brand's aesthetic giving off a similar vibe as their previous Spring '23 Ready-to-Wear collection “Noah’s Ark,” which had similar animal themes. “Noah’s Ark,” had a lighter feel to it. It balanced tight and sexy with comfy and baggy. Both shows featured similar silhouettes like mesh dresses with double slits and boxy cropped jackets. However, “We Are All Animals,” is a bit more emo punk and unhinged.

“The collection came together with the idea of pursuing freedom by people releasing their animalistic selves,” designer Siying Qu told Vogue Runway.

The designs were unapologetically carefree, especially in the styling that featured hoods up, balaclavas, and chunky chains. The animal theme can also be seen on a T-shirt that reads the title of the show "We Are All Animals," in vertical stripes of fabric constructed on garments that look like scratches, and in headbands with large ears and horns.

Dark eye makeup, matte black almond shaped nails, and wild flowing hair gave the audience somewhere to place this collection. We could all see ourselves wearing these looks leaving a New York City club at 3:00am, walking in circles looking for the nearest 99 cent pizza joint because the next train leaves in 17 minutes.

The finale look shown below featured a faux fur, two-piece skirt, and cropped jacket combo. Private Policy used their signature checkered design to visualize the light and dark in all of us. It's unclear though, if this model is leaving the club or walking into the club. Did this animal just declare her victory or is she pulling out her claws while approaching her target? The audience leaves the room still wondering.

[Photos courtesy of Vogue Runway]


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