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Prabal Gurung Brings Dimension Through Abstract Fabrics And Defined Silhouettes For NYFW ‘23

By: BriannaRose Hewitt

Prabal Gurung has once again brought it with his 2023 fall collection. In September, the world famous designer stunned the runway with daring and dimensional looks using various fabrics from feathers to chiffon. With cutouts and simply see-through fabrics, models looked like they weren’t afraid of anything. This week he debuted his fall collection with abstract patterns, warm colors, and a feminine take on men’s wear.

Across the many colors in Gurung’s collection, we saw abstract patterns, almost resembling the makeup of a butterfly’s wings. These patterns were seen in pants, dresses, and tops and often styled with a mixture of fabrics. The designer is no stranger to combining fabrics in a look, and this collection was no exception as fur, satin, wool, lace, and leather were all included in the show.

All photos credited to Rodin Banica/WWD

The theme of exposure has continued across seasons. For his spring collection, we saw models walk down the runway with only a sheer chiffon and/or tulle like fabric covering them, for the fall, it is lace and chiffon. Evening looks consisted of dresses with a simple straight silhouette with matching undergarments underneath.

All photos credited to Rodin Banica/WWD

Gurung is also known for his use of color, and even though this is a fall collection, he still went bold. The dominant color was red, but pink, burnt orange, green, yellow, and a little bit of blue also made appearances. These colors mostly had warm undertones not making them too overpowering and bright, perfect for the fall and cooler weather.

All photos credited to Rodin Banica/WWD

A defining characteristic of this line were the structured pieces that resembled traditional men’s wear From power suits to structured jackets, these pieces represent the revolutionization in women’s fashion to create dominant looks while still keeping their femininity. With this structure, Gurung also channeled the 80s with shoulder pads.

All photos credited to Rodin Banica/WWD

In addition, Gurung also used fall clickes such as fur colors and oversized jackets, but still put his own twist on them through the color, fabrics, and well tailored silhouettes.

All photos credited to Rodin Banica/WWD

Overall, Gurung did not disappoint with his newest fashion line! He kept his defining traits of boldness and dimensionality, but created something original through the use of fabrics, silhouettes, and colors. We can’t wait to see who will be the first to step out in a look from this new line.


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