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Palomo Spain is Reinventing Romance at NYFW

By Andi Manakdan

The Plaza, a legendary hotel with interiors perfect for grounding a collection in divine elegance. Creative director Alejandro Gomez Palomo loves to lean into historical finesse. This season, his Spring Summer '24 show sent us to the heart of the Jazz Age. We sat in anticipation holding on tight to our chairs, because these looks were designed to swoon.

"Cruising in the Rose Garden,” bloomed in an ascending fashion that mimicked the feeling of arousal. Our hearts began to race as we witnessed the collection unraveling. The color story was tender before it was bold. Palomo featured only whites and creams at first; before slowly adding pastel pinks and purples; followed by blues, blacks, and reds. The perfect palette to decorate a dizzying Summer romance.

“For in the tapestry of human desire we find beauty in love’s clandestine attire,” said the brand.

Palomo enchanted us with fabrics that draped like cake frosting. Rose shaped bags with long stems hanging like whips, sent chills down our spines. Exaggerated trains, angled cross-body details, and tiny-lace bottoms teased us with a seductive charm. A confident and cool vibe.

Models were gliding down a beautiful, carpeted runway with a rose covered altar at the center. One by one they took long, controlled strides while interacting with audience members using playful eye contact and the silent language of close proximity. The collection highlighted both masculine and feminine. It featured feathered headpieces wrestling with biker jackets, ballet slippers waltzing with tall leather boots, and satin bows kissing knuckle rings.

Palomo’s collection was delicate but daring in its decision to embrace desire. It was a romantic petition that each look signed with an angelic font. A campaign for an elevating kind of love that also has a curious element of danger.


[Photos courtesy of Vogue Runway]


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