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Kevan Hall Shines at NYFW 2023 with 'Faceted' Collection

By Jessica Mora

Yesterday, Kevan Hall made a triumphant return to New York Fashion Week with his Fall/Winter 2023 collection, Faceted. Hall has been a major fashion force for over 30 years, having crafted designs for stars such as Celine Dion, Selma Hayek, Vanessa Williams, and Anne Hathaway. His latest show was presented in a glamorous ballroom and celebrated sophisticated womanhood. The collection was inspired by the iconic music of Dame Shirley Bassey, whose allure and style were reflected in Hall's pieces. He blended conservative fabrics such as tweed and velvet with metallic elements and a gemstone palette, creating colorful reflections. From the start, guests were met with crisp white garments accented with black pleats and stitching. The show then progressed into gold-embellished tweed sets that evoked Parisian style. Standout pieces included off-the-shoulder tuxedo pantsuits, sequined tulle dresses, and spectacular gowns that paid tribute to Bassey's passion for embellishment. The show concluded with Hall himself taking to the runway to the sound of Ricky Dillard's "I've Got The Victory". Hall's Fall/Winter 2023 collection was a stunning success, reaffirming his place as one of the biggest names in fashion.

1/11 Photo: Arun Nevader

2/11 Photo: Arun Nevader

3/11 Photo: Arun Nevader

4/11 Photo: Arun Nevader

5/11 Photo: Arun Nevader

6/11 Photo: Arun Nevader

7/11 Photo: Arun Nevader

8/11 Photo: Arun Nevader

9/11 Photo: Arun Nevader

10/11 Photo: Arun Nevader

11/11 Photo: Arun Nevader


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