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Emilio Pucci Collaborates with Supreme!

By. Angel Neal

Unexpected, daring and pretty much exciting. Word on the fashion streets and well its confirmed that cult streetwear brand Supreme is set to drop a capsule collection in collaboration with Italian luxury brand Emilio Pucci today. Break out your wallets ladies and gents.

Available on June 10 in the US and on June 12 in Japan, the drop will render a variety of men’s clothing in in three colorways that feature archival prints from Pucci’s 1970 Fantasia and 1965 Tulipani collections.

The collaboration marks a great stride for Pucci as, Supreme is charged with introducing the Italian brand and its aesthetic to a new generation. Although Pucci has been a coveted luxury LVMH, brand over the years, let's face it this collaboration will help push the brand to a more massive mainstream appeal to a wider influencer target audience. This day in age a lot of brands are profiting off the widespread of social media designer appeal. I'm sure this release will resonate with the fashion "it guys" and even "it girls" and not to mention the Supreme followers.

The release includes everything from robes to sunglasses—all with Pucci's signature prints. Check out more images of the Supreme x Emilio Pucci capsule collection below. We are looking forward to splurge on a hat or a robe.

Photos courtesy of Supreme.


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