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Don't Be Shy: Nina Ricci Styles the Flirty Flirts at Paris Fashion Week

By Erin Moonyeen Haley

Cue the circus, cue the carnival, whatever you do just cue the fun because Harris Reed has injected the sheer joy of fashion into Nina Ricci, choreographing a show that is devoid of anything remotely hoity-toity or pretentious. The pomp and circumstance are gleefully over the top as bold colors and audacious silhouettes capitalize on fun the same way that Kylie Minogue and Shirley Temples with maraschino cherries embrace the fun: in a manner that is cheeky, fearless and forever young.

Reed, however, says it best on Instagram: "All I truly want is for people to feel is joy, a massive sense of fun and most fucking importantly, acceptance. This next chapter of Nina Ricci is truly about showing Diversity across Gender, Size, Age, Race and Beauty what are we truly doing if we are not embracing ourselves and being bolder than life, it’s 2023 so time to dress up look in the mirror and tell ourselves we are feminine, we are beautiful and we are fucking here to stay!"

From black sheer, polka-dot babydoll dresses paired with sleek-as-a-ski-slope hair to bright orange numbers that could be customized for Lady Marmalade, Reed promoted a joy so undiluted that it is no wonder that celebrities like Florence Pugh have recently worn their tangerine-red mermaid-tail gowns, and their sequined checkerboard ensembles to a variety of events.

As for Paris Fashion Week 2023...where to start? There were outfits as blissfully nonsensical as the entire wardrobe for The Birdcage coming hot on the heels of faux furs and bubble skirt dresses with striped Beetlejuice patterns. Wide-brim hats made multiple appearances, as if ready to bring ostentatiousness to the country club scene. For a touch of the tropical, lime-green suits were paired with matching corsages that were voluminous enough to be manicured into topiaries. Amid the layers of color and material, whitewashed all-denim looks made cameo appearances, affixing everyone with a hankering of all things '80s.

~ Images Courtesy of Vogue & Harris Reed Instagram


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