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Coach’s Love-Worn American Dream at NYFW

By: Caitlin Thompson

In stark contrast to their previous shows, Coach replaced their extravagant sets with two rows lining the long hallway. When speaking with Vogue Stuart Vevers said, “I want it to feel like we’ve invited you into our home; you’re much closer to the collection, much closer to the cast.” The walls were adorned with military portraits, dark wood, and stunning chandeliers to create Coach’s “home".

Coach started the show with a knit dress with an ode to New York City. This distressed knit was paired with not one but two bags. Vever considers Coach to be "America's House of Leather". These beautiful double-breasted leather coats were each paired with their own bright bag.

This year Coach could not have enough bags, some models even wore two. To continue Coach's love for leather there was a two-piece leather set with form-fitting shorts and a jacket both adorned with gold buttons. With even more leather is the ankle-length tench. However, in between these two leather looks is another distressed knit dress but this time with a Superman graphic. When speaking with Vogue Vever said, "I always think knit works really well next to leather."

In the middle of the show, it appeared Coach had decided to take a brief denim intermission. The denim on denim is an exciting ode to the Y2K trend. When speaking with Vogue about using shearling in this collection, "Shearling has become a real reference point for Coach ready-to-wear." He also went on to say, "The idea of distressed and love-worn really comes through in these."

These look really shined. The metallic jackets with shearling lined collar were paired with color coordinating bottoms. Each look accessorized with multiple bags from extra large totes to mini bags.

This collection also featured a variety of gauze dresses in dusty colors. Each dress is paired with its own uniquely shaped bag. Vever also paired these looks with fun earrings in the shape of lollipops, doll shoes, and candy. Each look was completed with black leather combat boots.

These coats are made from extra pieces of leather at Coach’s factories, making each coat unique. Vever wanted to focus on sustainability in the collection and when speaking to WWD he said in an interview with WWD Vevers said, “In recent seasons I’ve really been using the runway as a place to explore that whole world of sustainability. For me, that’s a focus that has been looking at waste, circularity, and new ways to create materials.” Each of these patchwork coats is made from extra pieces of leather at Coach’s factories, making each coat unique.

Coach ended the show with more graphic destressed knits dresses and beautiful shearling. Like all of the other knit dresses these two featured stripes ad their own graphic. Each oversized shearling jackets were paired with color coordinating flare pants. Each pair seems to to have been splattered with white paint.

All photos courtesy of Vogue


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