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Christian Cowan Fall 2024 collection ready to wear: homage to his beloved parents

Written by Jacquelina Martinez

This year's fall collection that was presented by Christian Cowan paid an homage to his beloved parents by incorporating his favorite things about astrology from his father and old money aesthetic from his mother.  

As the usual party girl pieces Christian Cowan presents on the runway, he put a bit of a twist on it this year. According to Flaunt they stated that Christian Cowan “remembers his late father reciting his favorite quote from Plato: Astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another.” 

The way Christian Cowan can transport us from one world to the next by incorporating astrology in fashion is fascinating to say the least. Some of his pieces highlight stars on the trims of skirts and dresses, they were also used as a top piece for some dresses. These stars were used out of recycled material. Christian Cowan told Vogue that “These are women that run their shit, they remind me of my mom, Mercedes—she’s an icon.” Christian Cowan was inspired by his mom’s uptown women aesthetic for his fall 2024 collection but with his own skimpy twist.  

It is lovely to see how a designer can include the most important things in their life in their amazing designs for all of us to see.


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