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Avant Garde Art: Puppets & Puppets Unapologetically Serves Red Roses and Eggs At NYFW ‘23

By: BriannaRose Hewitt

Puppets & Puppets, a brand most well known for its bags defined with 3 dimensional cookies has kept up its avant garde brand for its latest NYFW runway show. The brand prides itself in combining fashion and fine art, and created looks that deserved their own modern art museum exhibit.

Leading up to the fashion show, the brand teased its followers with behind the scenes footage that showcased not only their iconic cookie purse, but also shoes that had eggs and roses on the toe box. These elements ended up being hints for the show, as many of the pieces showcased three dimensional roses and cracked eggs on the breast. While this is a fall collection, the eggs and roses could not be more timely with Valentine’s Day coming up and the price of eggs currently experiencing major inflation. They definitely made a statement that can make consumers reflect, just as they would in an art museum.

All images credited to WWD/Rodin Banica

Other designers have incorporated the color red into their fall lines, and Puppets & Puppets followed this trend, and it took it to the next level. Red dominated. In addition to the red roses, there was red snake skin, red sequins, red velvet, red fur, and countless red accents. We think red could be the new color for the fall.

All images credited to WWD/Rodin Banica

The brand also favored the color black, and incorporated the color orange through animal print and patterned fabric. It complimented the red nicely, creating an overall cohesive look.

All images credited to WWD/Rodin Banica

Puppets & Puppets say they value art, and that was not lost this season, especially with the use of paintings and pictures printed onto fabrics. Models looked like they tore a piece off the wall from the museum and wrapped it around themselves. From tightly tailored to oversized, these looks only appeared a couple times on the runway, but could not be forgotten.

All images credited to WWD/Rodin Banica

Other major themes included beaded accessories, especially around the face, contributing to the art wow factor. Power suits and tailored jackets also appeared a couple times, notably different from the rest of the line because of their professional inspiration, but still overall following the theme.

All images credited to WWD/Rodin Banica

When you think of Puppets & Puppets, you think abstract, avant garde, and unapologetic, and that is definitely what appeared on the 2023 NYFW stage.


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