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All About Eyes: 5 Makeup Products to Invest In

Although masking mandates are being lifted across the country, we haven't done away with masks altogether. A significant portion of our faces are obscured by masks, which sadly means that we aren't able to show off our favorite shade of lipstick or bronzed cheeks. However, we can play up our eyes with these five products that are worth investing in.

1. Stamp Eyeliner

Stamp eyeliners are incredibly easy and convenient. They're perfect for those of us who don't have a lot of time in our daily routines to create a beautiful winged liner look. This is also a great option for people who struggle to create a sharp line without the help of the spoon or tape hack (check those out -- they're actually very effective!). Simply use the triangular end of the eyeliner at the outer edge of the eye to create the wing. Then, using the eyeliner pen, draw along the lashes to connect the wing into one seamless line. A good quality, reasonably priced option is Kaja's Wink Stamp Wing Eyeliner, which retails at Sephora for $25.

2. White Eyeliner

White eyeliner is a lovely and underrated product. White liner on the water line creates the illusion of more light in the eyes, thereby opening up the eyes instead of making the eyes appear smaller (which can easily happen when we create dramatic eye looks). Sephora's Eyeliner Pencil to Go is a soft, coal pencil that is great for both lid and water line application. This product also comes in a variety of colors and retails at $6.

3. Too Faced's Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette

A well-pigmented eyeshadow palette is a must-have product. With shades of peach, pinks, corals, bronzes, and purples, Too Faced's Sweet Peach Palette has colors that will compliment every eye color. As an added bonus, the palette smells like juicy peach, so you can enjoy a beautiful scent as you apply your eyeshadow. The palette retails at Sephora for $49.

4. Lancôme's Lash Idôle Lash-Lifting & Volumizing Mascara

With 7.5 thousand reviews averaging in a 4.5 rating, Lancôme's lash lifting and volumizing mascara is a tried and true fan favorite. Without parabens and silicones, this is a healthier formula compared to many mascaras on the market. The applicator is a curved wand with 360 micro-size bristles that grab and lengthen every lash from root to tip. The lightweight formula - infused with white tea extract to condition the lashes - leaves the lashes feeling soft without clumping or flaking. Lancôme's mascara retails at Sephora for $27.

5. Velour Lashes: Magnetic Effortless Falsies

Velour Lashes' Magnetic Effortless No Trim Natural Lash Collection creates natural, fuller looking lashes. It's a great alternative for mascara. This product uses a magnetic eyeliner (the Lash and Go Eyeliner) instead of glue, which is much cleaner and easier to apply than glue for traditional falsies. Another selling point is that these lashes are vegan and cruelty free and can be applied for 30+ uses. These lashes sell at Sephora for $28.


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