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Class is in Session with Sandy Liang!

Sandy Liang takes us to school with her 2023 Fall/Winter collection. In her Spring 2023 collection, Sandy Liang dropped us off in ballet class while this collection she took us to school adorned with leg warmers, pointe-inspired shoes, bows, rosettes, and sashes.

In a text conversation with SSense, Liang states her collection was an "ode to old uniforms." With the help of her team, stylists: Dean DiCriscio, Harper Slate, and Olivia Joslin, casting director: Studio Bauman, hair stylist: Evanie Frausto, makeup artist: Marcelo Gutierrez using iliabeauty, and nail artists: Holly Falcone and Jade Farrar (WUWU Nails), music: Princeprkr, and production: SV production, the atmosphere illuminated the moody take on school uniform.

Dress styles of school uniforms in muted colorways styled with leg warmers and the Mary Jane Pointe Shoes.

Are you a rebel that doesn't like dresses? If so Liang gives the option to opt for a matching knit sets that can be styled with a skirt.

Liang decided to give us our cake and eat it too with a cherry dress on top! The Cherry dress is designed with long sleeves that has a bow stretching across the chest accompanied by a rosette attached in the middle.

Photos are from the Sandy Liang website

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