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Reflections on Family: Brandon Maxwell's RTW Fall 2022

Full of beautiful dresses, classy pantsuits, and flattering jackets, Brandon Maxwell's ready-to-wear Fall 2022 collection is a wonderful tribute to his grandmother, Louise, who now suffers from Alzheimer's disease. Reflecting on his grandmother's condition and his relationship with her, Maxwell took the opportunity to focus on "confrontation, acceptance, reverence and legacy" when curating his fall collection. The NYFW event opened with a video about his childhood, paying homage to his grandmother for inspiring his love of fashion.

His reverent reflection was translated into a mostly monochromatic palette and long, flowing garments that are romantic and sophisticated in nature.

These long dresses were contrasted with shorter cut sweater dresses and jeans paired with blouses for a more casual look. Maxwell's line pairs gorgeous suede boots and handbags in brown and burgundy for a pop of color.

The collection also features jumpsuits, elegant coats, and leather dresses and pants.


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