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Kim Shui's RTW Fall 2022 Redefines Sexy

Kim Shui's ready-to-wear Fall 2022 is a meditation on the definition of sexy. In contrast to her unapologetically sexy 2021 collection, the 2022 collection is more subtle and sensual, marrying sexy elements such as see-through tops and jagged hems with classy styles, like tweed skirts and flare pants.

Shui focused on "a more flirtatious type of sexy," for this collection, stating that "sexy can be interpreted in many different ways..." Indeed, the use of throwback hats, tweed pants and skirts, and gloves reimagines traditionally conservative styles in a sexy, fresh way. The line's vibrant color palette - using lilac, yellow, bright pinks and blues - also gives a feeling of youthful sexiness.

"I feel that sexy can be interpreted in many different ways — as long as you feel sexy, that’s what’s important." - Kim Shui

Another important element of Shui's line is subtlety. Lace garments, garter belts, and fetishistic elements like fur trims and vegan leather make this collection, in Shui's words, "subversively sensual."

Photos: Michelle Corvino


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