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NYFW23 Street Style Supersedes Runway Looks

By Erin Moonyeen Haley

It says something about a city when the looks on the streets are just as dynamic and photogenic as those that own the runway. And it’s not just because Instagram and Twitter have created platforms where the hoi polloi can flaunt, pivot and pirouette like the most seasoned of models. There is a charisma and effervescence about those who are giddily prowling the streets during Fashion Week. It is almost as if they have all heard and vowed to adhere to the Tommy Hilfiger quote: "New York Fashion Week comes twice a year, make it count."

For posh pedestrians, it is not about a thirst to be seen; it is about turning the human body into fashionable art, about expressing oneself with one of the most available mediums out there: clothing. It is about the sense of community that emerges when everyone loves the same thing to such an extent that they express their emotions with unbridled enthusiasm.

Vogue photographer and contributor, Phil Oh, is only one of the many fashion oracles to spend as much time outside the fashion shows as in, capturing personalities galore. Popsugar, Essence and WWD also bracketed media space and time just for highlighting looks outside the show.

Perhaps the most refreshing aspect of these candid shots is the fact that, not only are ages and body types all over the physical map, but the smiles are genuine, indicating a bona fide thrill and rush to be in New York City, especially at a time when the urban hotspot is heady with optimism and artistic boldness. For those of us who must be content with vicarious viewing via pictures and social media clips, it will be interesting to see if any looks organic to the streets find their way to top ten lists and trend watches in the year to come.

Popsugar captured looks that were bold and bright.

Even Queen Latifah's street style was at once chill and cosmopolitan, especially with the heeled saddle shoes and a kiss-kiss of bright fire-engine-red lipstick.

Essence was also out and about, capturing images of those who were loving life and loving fashion.

Phil Oh proved he always has a magical touch with candid street shots that feel like a piece of a much more interesting narrative.

Images courtesy of Vogue, Popsugar and Essence.


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