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Libertine's Iconic NYFW '22 Looks

American fashion designer and CEO of Libertine, Johnson Hartig, known for his eclectic creations, has remained true to his brand for the past 20 years. Libertine is a brand of its own kind that continues to evolve with the times while simultaneously challenging the trends of society. It certainly is no surprise Hartig has been featured in Vogue, The World of Interiors, The New York Times, and has had designs worn by a number of reputable celebrities.

Libertine's fall and winter 2022 collection was giving the public exactly what the people asked for. Contradicting patterns, loud colors, eccentric threads, and bold patches of expressions are just a few of the qualities these iconic pieces were giving.

Hartig's outlook on life can be compared to a creative rainbow-like kaleidoscope. There is no limit to his designs or his imagination. Each piece was carefully sewn for the runway and now to the buyer. Hartig's eye for obnoxious colors and details are what sets him apart in an industry full of creatives. His newest collection has raised the bar of success for fashion week.


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