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Frederick Anderson Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary With Glamorous NYFW ‘23 Show

By: BriannaRose Hewitt

5 years, 260 weeks, 1825 days, that’s how long it’s been since Frederick Anderson debuted himself as a designer. Therefore, the stakes were high for this New York Fashion Week. Anderson believes style is how one communicates to the world, and today he communicated that he is worthy of all glamor, celebrations, and achievements.

Sparkles and metallics made their way down the runway during each stage of the show. The line which was entitled “Renaissance,” defined itself with its literally eye-catching pieces that could easily revive art. Anderson is known for using couture, specially-made fabrics, and it appears his preference for this season were fabrics that brought a glitz and gleam. The first looks were black and navy, with some ensembles bringing the colors together. Pairing black and navy together can often be a risky move, as some believe the two dark colors just look mismatched, but Anderson’s looks seamless pulled it off. The colors were distinct, yet seamlessly blended together in their roles of the outfit.

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The sparkes and metallics continued to the purple pieces brought in during the middle of the show. The purple was rich and royal, the gem tone brought a vibrancy different from the opening pieces and continued to stand out as black pieces still outnumbered the color.

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Starkly contrasting the black and navy opening, the show ended with gold, bright blue, and peacock patterned pieces. The statement colors definitely showed that a celebration was in order, and these were pieces that would catch anyone’s attention.

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Anderson draws much of his inspiration from sports wear and casual clothes, but elevates them. Remaining on brand, his casual inspiration for this celebratory season was crochet and knitwear. Crochet has risen in popularity and projected to do so for the next year, and this line did not shy away from that. Not only were there crochet tops, but there were also daring crochet dresses. The crochet complimented the use of other fabrics within the line such as lace creating pieces that gave models very little coverage.

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From the metallics and sparkle fabric to the crochet, Frederick Anderson’s 5th anniversary line perfectly summarized everything that makes him an amazing designer. He helped close out NYFW with a bang. Get excited for the next 5 years and ones beyond that because who knows what else may emerge from this special brand.

See some more of the iconic looks from the show below!

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