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Dion Lee's RTW Fall 2022 is an Ode to Architecture

Noted for creating architectural silhouettes and exploring the plentiful possibilities of structure and form in his designs, Dion Lee's ready-to-wear Fall 2022 collection embraces the flattering elements of geometrical design. This collection is a love note to symmetry and lines, which accentuate lithe and curvy bodies alike.

Graceful Gloves

Gloves make a frequent appearance in Lee's fall 2022 collection. Pictured on the left, long black leather gloves are attached to a tan collared shirt, creating a smooth, seamless transition between the torso and the arms. Lee contrasts this sleek look with a very different use of gloves, pictured on the right. The shorter tan gloves use both fur and leather in a slightly chunkier look that, combined with this flattering strapless top, accentuate the graceful curvatures of the model's arms and collar bones.

Voluptuous Curves

A geometrical approach also involves highlighting curves that provide a much needed contrast from straight, rigid lines. Lee shows an incredible sensitivity in his understanding of the human body's natural curvatures. His garments beautifully hug well-rounded hips, further accentuating tapered waists and long legs.

"...the anatomy of the body underneath the clothes becomes a really important dialogue. So much of what we're doing is sculpting around the physical form." - Dion Lee

Enticing Textures

Texture also plays an important role in Lee's architectural approach. The fall collection features a variety of fabrics, including lace, denim, leather, and both chunky and slender knits.


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