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Dion Lee and the Power of Wearable High Fashion

Dion Lee's collection stuns on the runway night one of New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week 2023 is off to strong start with Dion Lee's fall/winter collection powering down the concrete runway. Every piece in the collection is tailored to perfection - clean, flattering & classic lines blended with the cool and nuanced textures and reconstruction of today's trends makes this collection every It-girls dream wardrobe for the new year. A new and elevated take on the classic body-con dress, timeless knee high boots, and the coolest coats you've ever seen, Dion Lee is taking on the future of fashion while hitting today's trends right on the nose. The chrome and angled backdrop mimics the cool and clean lines present in every look.

Monochrome has never looked so cool - using an enticing shade of pink and the creamiest brown, with cool icy blue looks in between, Dion Lee proves to have mastered the art of color. Cool toned whites and greys worked together beautifully and gave a breath of fresh air to winter wear. This collections color pallet was cohesive and executed to perfection.

The collection also included an incredible mix of textures, such as reconstructed and layered lace, various shades of snake skin, smooth and silky chiffon, and innovative pleating. Texture was taken to the next level with belts reconstructed to create tops. The standout takeaway from this collection: it's wearability. Every look hits current Gen Z trends right on the nose, while elevating the whole vision. Effortlessly cool and comfortable with artistry, personality and star power. The high neckline and futuristic shape of the turtle neck coats are guaranteed to be the new cool kid coat the second temperatures drops again.

Every look is ready to take on any cool night out in the city.

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