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Bosideng Elevates Fashion with a Technological Edge at NYFW

By Erin Moonyeen Haley

At New York Fashion Week, Bosideng channeled futuristic couture with a variety of looks that ran the gamut of outdoorsy chic to club kid, circa 1999. The Chinese clothing brand has long been known for its down coats that are both sophisticated and lightweight, two features that played heavily into every item. With some models sporting sleek braids or Lagertha-esq hairstyles that were a melange of coils and stray wisps, (braided looks were all over the runways this year), those functional looks were offset with a mix of licorice-black flouncy skirts, knee-length capris and coffee-colored pleats, many paired with corsets with their own puffy peplums. Ribbed inlays of rubber accented waist-length jackets and vests while sweeping silver and caramel coats were matched with minidresses of fish-netted material, ensuring that Bosideng’s reputation of fusing technology with style will endure.

Bosideng's looks are below.


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