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Batsheva and the Art of Living Dolls

Batsheva's dreamy Fall 2023 line pushes artistic boundaries while staying true to the brand's core aesthetic. Batsheva accomplished a retro clothing lovers dream - perfectly made pieces that vintage lovers have scoured ebay and old dress shop racks for, while breathing new cool life into each one. The collection stays true to classic vintage silhouettes from the 1950's-80's.

Long fairytale like dresses, a pair of big pigtails, and little white bobby socks peeking out from a retro pair of heels - the looks in this collection are heavenly and cohesive, and a blast from the past. Most notably - the model has "hinges" at her limbs to make her resemble a doll, tying the brilliance of this collections vision together with a perfect bow.

The presentation is ethereal - blissfully transporting us into the hazy world of the living doll wearing the collection. The looks lean retro, with 1980's style dresses and patterns, big puffy sleeves and babydoll collars. The model floats around what appears to be a vintage dress shop/cleaners, playing dress up in what feels to be another dimension. Racks of big vintage dresses and the model playing with dismembered mannequins is right in line with the hazy euphoric vibe we all love, and the vibe the brand is well known for. The artistic presentation of the collection elevates every look. And the model's performance is as close to perfect as dolls get.

The use of vintage silhouettes and patterns is as cool as it gets. This past year we saw the return of the bloomer, reworked to suit 2022 outfits, but this collection brings them back in their truest form, pairing them with matching tops - an outfit perfectly suited for any doll. A soft classic cream sweater vest paired with a puffy patterned dress to push the boundaries of the well known, youthful silhouette.

The collection is soft, while remaining fiercely feminine, as well as versatile. They could be seen on family beach getaways, glamorous parties on the Upper East Side, as well as any cool kids prom.


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