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Badgley Mischka's Serenade of Swans at New York Fashion Week Fall 2024

By: Diamond Johnson

Mark Badgley and James Mischka's latest collection is a stunning tribute to the glamour and elegance of the Swans' upper-echelon galas and cocktail parties. Inspired by Ryan Murphy's "Feud: Capote vs. the Swans", this collection exudes confidence, drawing from the timeless beauty of the Swans' style. "The way they used to dress back then—a beautiful column gown with one alluring detail—is kind of like how our girls like to dress today,” said Badgley to Vogue. "Everything is bold and simple."

Photograph Credit: Vogue

The designer duo has outdone themselves with their latest runway collection of gowns, cocktail dresses, and suits. This time, they have opted for a more subtle color palette featuring metallics, blacks, and jewel tones. Each piece is designed to make a bold statement and leave a lasting impression. "We've done so much color lately, but all of a sudden, our ladies love black again," Badgley added.

Photograph Credit: Vogue

The Badgley Mischka runway was a true spectacle, with stunning floor-length dresses adorned with piles of ruffles. The designers fully embraced extravagance by adding an ethereal charm to their gorgeous ensembles. The ruffles cascaded down the dresses, creating a swan-like grace and exuding opulence and grandeur. Every ruffle was meticulously placed, making the dresses dance with every step on the runway, captivating onlookers.

Photograph Credit: Vogue

The elegant silver-coded outfits commanded the audience's attention, showcasing their luxurious and timeless sophistication. Each attire shimmered and sparkled as models glided down the runway, captivating viewers with intricate beadwork, lavish fabrics, and exquisite detailing. From dazzling evening gowns adorned with simple sequins to sleek metallic cocktail dresses, the silver hues added a celestial allure to every look, making them impossible to ignore.

Photograph Credit: Vogue

The runway came alive with a burst of colors as vibrant yet simple dresses illuminated the stage, offering a refreshing departure from traditional eveningwear. Each dress was a celebration of color, featuring bold prints, rich jewel tones, and playful combinations that dazzled under the runway lights. The collection showcased a diverse palette that embraced the joy of self-expression, from sweeping gowns in shades of sky and sapphire blue to dresses in fiery reds and pinks.

Photograph Credit: Vogue

The collection showcased a stunning selection of black attire, comprising dresses, coats, and suits, each exuding an undeniable sense of power and sophistication. The sleek contours and striking silhouettes of each outfit were awe-inspiring, commanding attention and instilling a feeling of confidence and authority.


The timeless and elegant aesthetic of the Upper East Side has been Badgley Mischka's focus for years, and the influence of the Swans proved to be a perfect match.

Photograph Credit: Vogue


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