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Back to the 90's: Coach's RTW Fall 2022

Coach's ready-to-wear Fall 2022 collection is perfect for those who are nostalgic for the 90's. Coach's gift to us? Allowing us to reminisce about days spent in skate parks and the sweet and casual outfits that we loved, featuring Baby Doll dresses and oversized T-shirts.

How could we forget that the 90's was the height of grunge? Coach captures this essence with loose fitted, oversized shirts and pants. The collection also explores a slightly fetishistic element of grunge with leather from head to toe, with no undergarments to disrupt the seamless flow of leather.

If we weren't going for the comfortable or edgy look, we were certainly thinking about dressing to impress. The sweetest, most romantic 90's look was most definitely the Baby Doll dress, reimagined by Coach and paired with Mary Janes in their collection.

The best part of the 2022 collection is, by far, a versatile array of outerwear. Coach captures refined, classy styles with long leather jackets and fur coats, but also includes plaid and graffiti patterned jackets.


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