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All Eyes On Area: New York Fashion Week Spring 2024

By: Diamond Johnson

Area's designer, Piotek Panszczyk, and his talented team have an impressive knack for dissecting and exploring their chosen theme each season until they unearth something fresh and captivating. This season, they began with the eyes, which led to the creation of cartoon eyes, and ultimately culminated in the simplified yet striking shape of a circle inside another circle. With this innovative and imaginative approach, Area continues to push the boundaries of fashion and captivate audiences around the world.


Photograph Credit: Vogue

“The eyes as a symbol just always speak to us because they connect so many of our favorite art forms like Pop Art in the ’60s or surrealism in the 1920s; from Warhol to Man Ray,” Panszczyk told Vogue.

Photograph Credit: Vogue

This collection showcases a stunning range of denim ensembles, including mini and maxi dresses, jeans, and tops that perfectly embody the theme of circles and jewels. Area has always been a trailblazer in creating cutting-edge denim designs, and this season is no exception.

“We’re expanding into more and more categories and they don’t always click for a lot of people; if you come from a fashion show kind of perspective, maybe you don’t know that we also do jeans, and we also do jersey” said Panszczyk.

Photograph Credit: Vogue

The beautiful peach and light pink hues took center stage for the avant-garde runway show. The collection was a delightful feast for the eyes with its stunning floral patterns and intricate ruffled shapes. Panszczyk assembled an impressive range of dresses, pants, and tops that blended seamlessly to create cohesive looks. Every outfit in the collection featured a flawlessly woven circle theme in some aspect, creating a sophisticated and unique feel.

Photograph Credit: Vogue

At the conclusion of the show, the fashion concept was stripped down to its core essence, featuring a magnificent gold metallic ring with a shimmering crystal suspended in the center, elegantly floating in a sea of black cotton. This captivating design element was prominently featured at the center of an oversized cotton shirt, on the halter neck of an effortless jumpsuit, and on the breasts of a sleek strapless shift dress. This bold avant-garde design choice left a lasting impression to onlookers.

Area's collection at New York Fashion Week was nothing short of extraordinary. Their bold and visionary approach left a lasting impression on all who beheld it, showcasing unparalleled innovation and creativity. With their futuristic flair, Area pushed the boundaries of fashion, solidifying their reputation as true visionaries in the industry.


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