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A Journey into the Multifaceted World of Mark Ricci

He's Ready for a Breakout Year

In the ever-evolving landscape of the entertainment industry, Mark Ricci embodies the spirit of versatility. Born and raised in Toronto, his journey into acting and content creation wasn't just sparked by his environment; it was a passion destined to thrive anywhere in the world. 



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Dive into the mind of Ricci as he shares his experiences, aspirations, and why the next generation of entertainers should embrace the power of being multi-hyphenates.

Toronto Roots and Hollywood Dreams

Toronto, a burgeoning hub of film production, became both a backdrop and catalyst for Ricci's career. Contrary to initial reservations about breaking into Hollywood as a Canadian, Ricci realized the advantages of being born in one of Canada's major production cities. Reflecting on this, he notes, "I could've been born in Saskatchewan! Toronto has been slowly ballooning for a long time, and 2022 was the biggest year yet for money spent on productions."

DNG: In an industry saturated with so much competition, how do you stay uplifted, motivated and even inspired to push through and maintain your happiness while still cultivating necessary relationships?

Mark: The competition is actually motivating to me. I channel the frustration into working harder. And enjoying the fruits of my labor is what will bring me happiness. If I don't try, I won't be happy. Short term pain for long term gain. And the networking thing is an exciting part of it to me. I love meeting other creatives and artists and brainstorming collaborations.

From Fan Films to Prime Time: The Power of Storytelling

His early cinematic memory, "Stuart Little Two," sparked a transformative love for storytelling.

"I still remember walking up to the theatre with my dad and seeing the big poster at four years old," he reminisces. 

This passion translated into working as a producer apart of Six Side Studios, a YouTube channel that birthed popular Spider-Man fan films, garnering over 100 million views. He cherishes the connection with his audience, even as it evolves, and acknowledges the valuable experience gained through wearing multiple hats – acting, writing, directing, and producing.

DNG: SpiderMan fans are so diehard. You worked alongside YouTube channel, Six Side Studios, and contributed to producing the Spider-Man fan film series which garnered over 100M views. You got to dabble in acting, writing, directing and producing. What was the most rewarding part about working on this project?

Mark: The most rewarding part is getting to hear that our audience grew up with our fan films, whatever that means. It's honestly so trippy to hear that, and I take it with a grain of salt. I chalk it up to people trying to flatter us. The audience of those movies 8 years ago were pre-teens and younger and now they're young adults and older. And I'm doing the same thing again with my own channel. It's a whole new audience. Six Side hasn't made a new movie since 2018 so it will be interesting to see the reception from our older fans who might not have kept up with my new Movie Man Mark videos.

The Thrill of Multi-Hyphenation: Finding Freedom in Exploration

In the era of multi-hyphenated talents, Mark embraces the disruption caused by social media.

"I get to make what I'd like to see as a consumer," he says. His ability to wear different hats has paved the way for more significant projects.

Acting offers a focused experience, allowing him to "dial in and focus on one thing: playing make-believe."

From YouTube to Prime: "Gen V" and the Superhero Playground

Ricci's journey recently led him to Amazon Prime's "Gen V," a series based on Volume 4 of "The Boys," a dream come true for a superhero genre enthusiast. Describing the moment he got the role, he shares, "I felt like it was years of hard work and synchronicities paying off." Landing the role was a surreal dream come true, a testament to his dedication and the perfect blend of action, comedy, and the superhero genre he's always adored.

The Stallone Inspiration

Sylvester Stallone serves as a beacon of inspiration for Ricci. Stallone's story of creating "Rocky" resonated deeply, affirming that individuals can shape their path in the industry. Ricci emphasizes Stallone's impact, stating, "He proved that I wasn't completely insane, that this was possible." This belief empowers Ricci as he embarks on his own creative journey.

Beyond Entertainment: The Responsibility of True Crime

Having participated in shows like "Web of Lies," "Fear Thy Neighbor," and "If I Should Die," he delves into the complexities of true-crime storytelling. While acknowledging the entertainment value, he emphasizes the responsibility it carries. Bringing awareness to real-life tragedies and their impact is a significant aspect of these projects, and he hopes they resonate with viewers, particularly younger audiences.

The Next Generation of Entertainers

He encourages the next generation of entertainers to explore the vast possibilities of being multi-talented. Platforms like YouTube and TikTok empower creators to bypass traditional gatekeepers and find their own audiences. He emphasizes the joy of the creative process, comparing it to finding the perfect canvas to express oneself. "We're all just trying to find a canvas to paint on, and the internet is a massive canvas for us artists," he affirms.

Looking Forward: Grateful, Never Satisfied

As Mark continues to create the life he envisions, he lives by the mantra, "Grateful, never satisfied." Mastering one skill at a time, he plans to dive into pitching an original film after completing post-production on "Final Swing." Nervous yet excited, Ricci is ready for the next chapter of his multifaceted journey.

Personality Peeking: Quick Takes with Ricci

  • Favorite "The Boys" character: Homelander, the captivating villain.

  • Recent binge-watch: "The Fall of the House of Usher"

  • Guilty pleasure movie: "17 Again" (admittedly watched way too many times!)

  • Dream leading lady: Yvette Monreal and Auli'i Cravalho, both admired for their talent and charisma.

  • Favorite superhero/villain: Spider-Man and The Joker, classic choices with enduring appeal.

Ricci is more than just an actor; he's a storyteller, a creator, and an inspiration. His journey, fueled by passion, perseverance, and a willingness to explore, serves as a powerful reminder that anything is possible when you believe in yourself and embrace the limitless potential of creativity.

Where can we follow you?

You can find Mark on Twitter & Instagram @moviemanmark.


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