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Unveiling the Soulful Journey of Nicollette: An Exclusive Interview

In a world where music often serves as a mirror to our deepest emotions and experiences, Nicollette emerges as a beacon of authenticity and versatility. With a fusion of influences ranging from old-school jazz to modern R&B, Nicollette’s musical journey is as rich and diverse as the melodies she creates. Disrupshion Magazine had the privilege to delve into the soulful narrative of Nicolette's artistic evolution in an exclusive interview.


Words By Angel Neal

Photography Courtesy of Nicollette’s Team

Nicollette’s roots trace back to Venice, California, where her love affair with music blossomed amidst a backdrop of diverse genres. Raised in a household where both parents were passionate musicians, Nicollette found herself immersed in a melting pot of musical influences from an early age. "My parents were both music lovers and involved in creating music," she shares. "Being around them and witnessing their creative process had a profound impact on me."


Reflecting on her musical journey, Nicollette articulates her sound as deeply personal, transcending conventional genre labels. "Music is a reflection of my experiences and emotions," she explains. "It's like reading my personal journal; I'm honest and raw in my approach." This sincerity and vulnerability are evident in her latest track, "Broken," a poignant exploration of self-recognition amid life's adversities.

The conversation takes an intriguing turn as Nicollette sheds light on her creative process behind tracks like "Strychnine," a captivating blend of contemporary jazz and seductive undertones. Initially conceived as an homage to film icon Mae West, the song organically evolved into a mesmerizing narrative of its own, guided by Nicollette’s intuitive musical instincts.

"The track was produced by Shamanesque, Derock Goodwin and Kyle Ward. We wrote the track with musicians, we all collaborated, the song started out with a melody and keyboard line from musician Jesse R Loya, we then took that root idea and wrote full song.”

Throughout the interview, Nicollette’s passion for authenticity shines through as she discusses her forthcoming LP, slated for release later this year. With a meticulous curation of honest and cohesive tracks, Nicolette aims to offer listeners a glimpse into her evolving musical journey, coupled with evocative visuals that complement the thematic essence of her music.

Navigating the competitive landscape of the music industry, Nicollette remains grounded in her love for creating art. "I remind myself to approach each day with joy and not to succumb to the pressures of competition," she affirms. Embracing her unique blend of influences, Nicollette finds solace in carving her own path, unbound by conventional genre constraints.

To read the full interview grab the Spring issue of Disrupshion and get to know more about Nicollette.

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