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8 Ways Carolina Herrera Defines Fall Femininity During NYFW ‘23

By: BriannaRose Hewitt

The Carolina Herrera brand held its fashion show in a ballroom with extravagant chandeliers, wall paper, and detailed molding. It could not have been a more perfect place for their newest line that was regal, elegant, and everything in between with its varying silhouettes, fabrics, and details. Let’s break it down.

All images credited to Giovanni Giannoni/WWD.

The show started with exclusively black and white looks. Models mostly wore dresses of varying lengths and styles before some floral patterns and gemstones started to get teased between these classic colors. Slowly, but surely more bold colors were introduced, and by the end of the 51 look show, there were ensembles bringing in a multitude of colors including yellow, bright pink, and green.

Across the colors, there was one defining characteristic: femininity, and there were 8 different ways that the designer executed this theme.

1. Floral and Elegant Patterns

Multiple dresses and ensembles were made from floral patterns. The base was black or white, the flowers were vivid gem tones, creating a nice contrast and the perfect balance to still keep the looks suitable for fall. Carolina Herrera also used a variety of other patterns using a similar color palette, giving a variety of printed looks to choose from.

All images credited to Giovanni Giannoni/WWD

2. Ball Gown Silhouettes

There were a variety of ball gowns that graced the runway. Some gowns had an A-line shape, but most were the traditional senched waste and iconic poofy skirt. There were even some cocktail length dresses following this silhouette, creating a fun, classy, and feminine look.

All images credited to Giovanni Giannoni/WWD

3. Tightly Tailored Silhouettes

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there were also a variety of styles that hugged models perfectly. The precise tailoring was very flattering, making it a classic look. This style also came in a variety of colors, showing the integrity of the design.

All images credited to Giovanni Giannoni/WWD

4. Large Sleeves and Defined Necklines

Carolina Herrera had fun with sleeves this season. Many ensembles were topped off with a puffed or draped sleeve, creating a statement that drew attention, but didn’t overpower the whole outfit. Other looks had unique necklines that emphasized the collarbone and neck, bringing in an elegance.

All images credited to Giovanni Giannoni/WWD

5. The Incorporation Of Bows

Bows are a staple of femininity and girlhood, and the brand decided to use some giant ones. A couple looks had bows tied around their waist and draped along the skirt. These looks typically had bright colors, and were a little different from the rest of the line because they brought in a fun, youthful feeling, but they still went along with the rest of the pieces.

All images credited to Giovanni Giannoni/WWD

6. Capes and Ponchos

It would not be a fall line without some outer layers, and capes and ponchos dominated Carolina Herrera. Some capes and ponchos were incorporated into the silhouette and design of the dress, while others were simple overlays. No matter the style, they were beautifully made without covering the rest of the designs.

All images credited to Giovanni Giannoni/WWD

7. Gemstone and Floral Appliques

Some designs brought in a 3D element through their gemstone and floral appliques. They sparkled under the chandeliers, creating a wow factor. There were just enough added to the clothes that they caught your eye, but didn’t distract you from the tailoring of the rest of the ensemble.

All images credited to Giovanni Giannoni/WWD

8. Redefined Femininity

While Carolina Herrera used classic silhouettes and styles for the latest line, the brand also brought in some ideas of their own. A couple pieces were made almost exclusively from structured tulle, but despite the fullness, there was still a shape and a unique take on using traditional feminine fabrics for new ideas.

Puffer jackets blew up last season, and the brand took that into account with a unique piece that walked the runway. A gown with a matching puffer jacket! The jacket was on the slimmer side, so it didn’t cover the top, but there was no mistaking what it was. Whoever decides to wear this piece will definitely not be cold.

All images credited to Giovanni Giannoni/WWD

Carolina Herrera’s line did not disappoint. From the setting to the designs, it was pure elegance and femininity. It was everything you would want the brand to be.


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