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From Columbus to Hollywood: Laquan Copeland's Journey of Artistry and Ambition

In the sprawling landscape of Hollywood, where dreams are both crafted and challenged, actor and director Laquan Copeland stands as a testament to perseverance and artistic integrity. From his roots in Columbus, Georgia, to his current projects capturing international attention, Copeland's trajectory in the entertainment industry is as inspiring as it is insightful.

Interview By: Angel Neal

Photography by: Brian Rolle/ @don_thecreative

Growing up in Columbus provided Copeland with a foundational understanding of Southern culture—a bedrock that would later influence his storytelling. "It gave me a strong foundation," he reflects, "necessary for my journey to Los Angeles." It was in Columbus where Copeland first discovered his passion for entertaining, cutting his teeth in local plays and theater during his high school years. These early experiences ignited a flame that would drive him to pursue a career in acting on the grand stages of Hollywood.

For Copeland, acting wasn't merely a career choice but a calling—an avenue to resonate with audiences and amplify marginalized narratives.

"I wanted to create impact within the work I do," he asserts. This drive led him to audition for an acting school in Los Angeles, marking the pivotal moment when Georgia's aspiring actor set foot in the heart of the film industry.

His time at the American Dramatic Musical Academy in Los Angeles provided Copeland with essential skills but also underscored the importance of forging one's own path. "The school taught me that talent alone isn't enough," he remarks, emphasizing the need for networking and building relationships—a sentiment that would guide his multifaceted career. Transitioning from acting to writing, producing, and directing was a natural evolution for Copeland, driven by a desire to create opportunities and tell stories that resonated deeply with him. "I wanted to be in a position to create and develop stories," he explains, highlighting his commitment to crafting narratives that defy conventional norms.

Copeland alongside his castmates Federico Parra & Preet Karr.

Copeland's recent film, "MIDAS," explores themes of greed and morality through the lens of its protagonist, Ricky—a character grappling with familial responsibilities and ethical dilemmas. "I was drawn to the drive this character had," Copeland reveals, emphasizing the universal struggle depicted in the film.

The film "MIDAS" recenly releasesd in select theaters, the feature debut of writer/director TJ Noel-Sullivan and a production by Hartford Films. According to the hollywood reporter the film is describes as a "fresh and socially relevant take on the classic heist genre." Copeland hopes audiences will experience a catharsis—a reflection of the dedication poured into every frame. "I want people to see the possibilities," he asserts, aiming to inspire his hometown and beyond with a message of ambition and resilience.

Beyond live-action films, Copeland has ventured into animation with his series "SOTURI," aimed at showcasing African-American characters in a genre traditionally dominated by other narratives. "My passion for animation started early," he recalls, envisioning a future where diverse voices shape the animated landscape.

Directing projects like the "LeBron James All-Time Leading Scorer" animation film brought its own set of challenges, from tight deadlines to creative constraints. "We overcame every obstacle with a solid team," Copeland reflects, underscoring the collaborative spirit that defines his work ethic.

 In the ever-evolving landscape of Hollywood, Laquan Copeland continues to carve his niche—a storyteller driven by authenticity, empathy, and a steadfast commitment to his craft. From Columbus to California, his journey is not just a narrative of personal triumph but a beacon of hope for aspiring artists everywhere.

To stay up to date with all things Laquan Copeland follow him here, laquancopeland. To check out more information the film MIDAS, the film page is hartfordfilm!


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