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Your Go-To Accessory for A Classic Summer Look: Scarves

by Melody Rivera

Whether you are out on the town or having a casual stroll in the park, a hair scarf will be the perfect addition to any of your spring or summer outfits. Multiple sites like Shein, Fashion Nova, and Boohoo have a wide range of this accessory in multiple colors and patterns. If you are going for a classier and chicer look, you can go with a satin headpiece and keep your hair down in the back.

If you are looking for a beachy boho look, try a top bun mixed in with the scarf.

The sky's the limit with how many hairstyles you can try out with this new accessory. You don’t even have to subject yourself to using it as a hairpiece. Some come big enough that you may want to try out a DIY top.

The summer is the time to embrace your natural hair and a hair scarf will just be a cherry on top of your beach waves or voluminous curls.


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