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Sprayground's JARDIN D'EDEN Makes a Splash

Sprayground, the cult brand known for its fun, unique and trendy travel gear, has just launched its latest collection: the JARDIN D’EDEN Collection. According to the brand, the collection is Inspired by the Garden of Eden. The latest collection mixes art, innovation, and serious style to give travel essentials a whole new vibe. Dare to make a style statement? Then Sprayground has you covered.

The brand’s founder, David BenDavid (DBD), has a natural talent for making products that reflect his upbringing in streetwear and art. Sprayground is known worldwide for its creativity and unique style. The new collection adds to the many collections prior that mix art, innovation, and serious style to give travel enthusiast next level and statement travel essentials.

Sprayground also sent our Editor-In-Chief a piece of the Sprayground legacy.

"Sprayground is so necessary for the culture of fun travel gear. The designs are always so unique and fresh and limited. High-quality statement bags. I can't wait to wear mine for my next vacation. The brand does a great job with making you want to know what's next. I can't decide which collection is my favorite but the new Jardin D'Eden is definitely in my top 3."

Angel Neal, EIC of Disrupshion

To shop more from Sprayground’s JARDIN D’EDEN collection, visit

In Sprayground's own words:

The JARDIN D'EDEN collection is designed to appeal to the adventurous and sophisticated travelers who seek to escape the ordinary and be the exception. The collection showcases Sprayground's signature style of combining high-quality materials, innovative features and eye-catching designs. Each product is made with durable faux leather, water-resistant fabric, black zippers, metal hardware and ergonomic mesh back padding. The collection also features a slide-through back sleeve that connects to the carry-on luggage, allowing for easy and comfortable travel.


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