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Who Decides War brings a cool island breeze to NYFW

The Brand’s Spring 2023 collection was, “an ode to the Caribbean and a reminder that we have to combat climate change, or we will no longer have the tropics we cherish,” stated the show's designer Ev Bravado when describing the inspiration behind the show via Instagram. Bravado and Tela D'amore, the other half of the brilliance that is Who Decides War, invited spectators to admire the joys and richness of Island life.

Key details showcased in the collection titled, “Under Water,” were patchwork that resembled stained glass windows on fabric along with window shaped cut outs for impactful layering, embroidered shapes of continents to highlight climate change as a global issue, and of course an overload of the brand’s signature denim deconstruction.

Additionally, the show featured poetic undertones in its mixing of mesh and lace to embrace an effortless mood, the destressing of denim to create heart tugging textures, and the intricate use of shredded words on fabric which gave the crowd biblical chills.

The collection's finale look shown below featured a woven black top paired with a skirt layered with large bows draped at an angle covering the model’s left leg. Designer Tela D'amore shared an Instagram post stating that this fit was inspired by Serena Williams’ iconic denim skirt moment from the 2004 US Opening. Who Decides War continues to recreate how denim is worn in fashion. What a powerful and perfectly fitting way to end their show at NYFW.


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