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Welcome to Bach Mai's Deep-Sea Cave

By, Andi Manakdan

Bach Mai's Fall 2023 Ready-to-Wear collection was like a silent play, decorated with the sounds of a grand piano playing underwater melodies, echoing the sound of a woman’s scorn. Instead of having each model walk the runway in a traditional form at "Cave of the Sirens," they embodied sirens at a deep-sea dance party.

Smoke covered the floor in spirals and silver metallic sheets hung in rows along the ceiling.

“An exploration of light. A deep-sea cave, darkness pierced. Sirens… wrath veiled in fragility,” read the program.

Green and blue lights bounced off geometric patterns in dresses and black tulle skirts. Models danced in slow motion to appear as if they were moving underwater. Large rocks were placed throughout the room for them to create different levels with their bodies.

It was the combination of wet hair and outer worldly make up that created an atmosphere that was refreshing to witness. This performance was like a gothic watercolor painting brought to life with the use of moire, mesh, and sequin. It also had an edginess that can be seen in the chunky heeled boots, long leather gloves, sheer black corsets, and exaggerated folds. These looks were exceptionally stunning when accented with movement choreographed by DC production company Haus of Bambi.

Bach Mai’s collection gave us the bitter bite of a woman’s wrath while enchanting us with her delicateness. We left the show with echoes still ringing in our ears.

[Photos courtesy of Vogue Runway]


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