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2022 MTV VMAs Glam Spotlight: Beat Beauty Looks

It’s safe to say the hair and makeup majority of the time makes the look come all together. From risky makeup to statement hair trends that are deemed to go viral, the stars bring the fun to the VMAs red carpet always.Check out a few of our favorite head-turning looks from

Inspiring, unapologetic and downright beautiful it’s our way of describing these VMAs beauty looks. Check out our top selects below.

“It was Lizzo’s & Anita’s wet slick hair for me I’m so obsessed with that hairstyle. I loved how it complimented the overall look. I also loved Kamie’s long skinny braided ponytail it’s undefeated and classic.”

Anitta, bought on the romance and a sexy striped back look with a red glam makeup look to tie it all together.

Taylor Swift, brings on the bling. Glitter and diamonds top off with a sultry red lip is sure to start a conversation.

Latto, spices up soft glamour with bold statement lashes and a pinned updo and an update to a neutral lip.

Kamie Crawford, rocked a Sultry glam and a powerful long skinny braided pony.

Dove Cameron, reminds us under eyeshadow is always a do especially when it’s bold and white. Oh yeah pigtails are still in the trend board. Her beauty look complemented her overall Aesthetic so nicely.

Lizzo, is giving us pop rock glamour. The sleek hair the bold dark green lip. Yes mam.

That Girl Lay Lay bringing out the teased Bantu knots reminds us she’s playful yet edgy complimenting her custom Dior look.

Sabrina Carpenter, makes a case for A little bit of 70’s with a little bit of 80’s we love it.

Which beauty look would you try at home? Let us know in the comments.


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