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Valentine’s Day Collections That Brought The Love in 2021

By Melody Rivera

This weekend, multiple clothing and beauty companies made a collection just for Valentine’s Day.

Nike came out with their holiday collection featuring three new sneakers, two Air Force ones and one Air Max, all supporting Valentine’s colors.

Kim Kardashian’s underwear, shape-wear and loungewear line, SKIMS, came out with a silk collection right before the holiday. Kendall and Kylie Jenner modeled with their sister for the line. The intimates are “designed to show off your curves and flatter your body like nothing else.”

Colourpop focused on the self care side in their “Love Me, Love Me Not” skincare and makeup collection. Not only did they come out with a mini- skincare kit, they also included a brand new product in the line: face stamps. This new product has three different shapes: a star, a heart and a moon.

Louis Vuitton focused on the senses for this Valentine’s Day by coming out with a holiday exclusive perfume collection. Every scent was named after romantic French terms like “Roses des Vents" (Wind Roses)” and “CŒUR BATTANT (Beating Heart)”. The line’s fragrances offer “a rich, olfactory palette and a varied emotional cartography.”

These companies did not disappoint, and they put a lot of love into these collections. You can see what each one has to offer on their brand websites.


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