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Tia Adeola’s NYFW collection turnt up the HEAT

For her Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear show, designer Tia Adeola created a confident, elegant, and sexy atmosphere at NYFW. The first look seen gliding down the runway was an all-white fit that was. the. moment. Swirly lace fabric hung from the collar of the top, hit the floor, and dragged behind the model’s Nike sneakers. However, it was the cornrows gathering into a long fierce braid that gave the look unique attitude. The model swung her hair over her wrist like a handbag. The perfect accessory.

On the brand's website, Adeola states that the brand was created in her dorm room at The New School during the Summer of 2017, using her art history background and passion for the Renaissance period as inspiration. Her aim is to rewrite history through fashion, particularly for people of color.

In this collection, references to the Renaissance period can be seen in the use of ruffles, flared sleeves, French cut necklines, headpieces, and Victorian silhouettes.

The show was strikingly powerful, inviting audience members to celebrate the woman's body and curves. Adeola made bold and daring choices in this collection. She pushed boundaries by challenging the status quo and unapologetically embracing femininity.

The finale look shown below featured a gorgeous silver body suit pared with a pink feathered jacket that covered the model’s arms before stopping at her wrists and covering her hips. Lastly, to add an additional romantic touch, during the final walk, each model held a single red rose to close the show.


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