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There's a New Songstress In Town

Even if you've had the worst year ever so far, GZL reminds us it's OK to dance and have a good time. In our Spring 2020 we got to catch up with Giseselle Meneses better know by her stage name, GZL in this exclusive interview she gets candid about finding her voice in the music indusrty. She's making a name for herself with her new single "Eh Oh."

Photographed by Garren Pryce, Styled by Kim Dillinger, Make-Up by Derrick Bernard and hair by Tiffany Mack.

Wearing Miss Circle, Ash Shoes and dress by Patty Tang.

DM: What is your usual song writing process?

GZL: I like to sit in the booth and do some runs. Listen to the beat and let whatever flow, flo. create as we go. Usually team and I will pick the melodies we're keeping first and then we start to fill in the words as we go.

DM: How did growng up in Little Havana, Cuba influence your love and style of music?

GZL: I grew up listening to salsa, gua guanco and Caribbean music. Hints of each of these influence my personal style. I want my music to be authentic and represent who I am, my culture.

Wearing Monalizabeth.

Wearing Elena Rudenko , Erickson Beamon jewelry & top by Oxygeneus.

For the full interview & more exclusive featureslike this, pick up the Spring 2020 issue of Disrupshion, available excusively on


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