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Telfar Bags Incite Luxurious Shopping Frenzy

On September 23rd, Telfar will release bags galore online as part of an extension of their Telfar x Rainbow pop-up. That means every bag, every size and every color will be released in the wonderland of cyber shopping, without production wait time. (Regular shipping policies apply.) The shopping event is not part of the Bag Security program.

In anticipation of this seismic sale, the black-owned Telfar teamed up with Rainbow on Sunday, September 11th, creating a pop-up location in the midst of fashion week. In a heady shopping extravaganza that was live-streamed on Telfar TV, the eponymous brand essentially brought Brooklyn traffic to a halt as - for the first time in its history - it created a venue where shoppers could physically snatch up the coveted handbags in what was nothing less than an immersive experience.

The Telfar Shopping Bag, (frequently referred to as simply the Telfar Bag), has risen to the ranks of an ‘it’ accessory. Designer and founder, Telfar Clemens once asserted to a reporter that the purpose was to be Michael Kors except ‘on purpose’, with the intention of creating genderless fashion that explored “ideas of identity, ubiquity, homogeneity, America, and consumerism.”

The ubiquitous bag stands out with his T logo and top handle, and is seen so frequently in Brooklyn that it has been given the sobriquet the “Bushwick Birkin.”

In addition to being a sometimes-elusive buy, the bag boasts of being made from vegan leather and sells for anywhere between $150–$257, depending on size. Enhancing its exclusive appeal is the fact that it has a sells-out-in-an-instant claim to fame, a reputation that necessitated the Bag Security Program that permits any shopper to preorder an item within a twenty-four hour window.

The company’s slogan ‘not for you - for everyone’ is apropos as shoppers in Sunday's event clutched bags to their chests that covered the entire color spectrum, from chocolate-brown to cyan blue to cotton-candy pink. It wasn’t so much a shopping excursion as it was an event that promises that September 23rd will be equally frenzied.


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