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Revolving Trends for the Summer

by Melody Rivera

We all know that trends come back around every couple of years. This summer, we have a couple of decade trends coming back. In the past summers, we have been favoring cheeky beach days but this summer, we are loving our sarongs. I am especially here for the matching bathing suits and sarong.

The popular Steve Madden “Sykler” sandals. We also have studded bathing suits and sandals trending, which I never thought would be making a comeback again.

A favorite revolving trend is colorful butterfly clips. This 2000s trend has made an appearance for the last couple of months, but these will be especially handy when you need a perfect accessory for a barbecue or when you watch the fireworks on the Fourth of July.

Rectangular-shaped sunglasses are also on the horizon and coming in hot. That’s right, put the aviators down for this summer. Companies are releasing a variety of styles and colors.

Last but not least, rainbow stripes are a colorful and bright trend to spice up your wardrobe this summer. This trend has been long gone since the 70s, but we are here for it. This summer will be filled with a lot of reminders of the best decades.


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