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Off Camera With Shannon Mack, The Mastermind Behind “Pedis & Mimosas.”

Q&A with Creator/Host Shannon Mack, the mastermind behind “Pedis & Mimosas.” Outside of her impressive radio and entertainment background, she has established herself as a voice of reason. She has a natural talent of getting some of our favorite celebrities to open about real life successes, struggles and everything in between. Her gift of gab surely caught the attention of many around the world! Mack took a step away from her busy schedule to chat with Disrupshion.

Interview: Angel Neal

Photos: Courtesy of Shannon Mack

Copy Edit: Diamond Johnson

How did the idea for “Pedis & Mimosas” come about after shifting from a psychology major to communications and radio?

I have over 20 years of experience in communications, including radio, TV, and interviewing. I used to host a show on HipHopDX, an underground version of TMZ, keeping you informed about all things hip-hop. My show was called DX Lives, which I co-hosted with Jake. We interviewed celebrities and did what everyone else did in the business. One day, the show's producer told me I had a good personality and should host my own show where I’m sipping mimosas, getting pedicures, and interviewing celebrities. That’s when the concept of “Pedis and Mimosas'' was born. It was February 2018, and we were waiting on India Love that day when we had some downtime, and the producer suggested the concept. I had goosebumps and dreams about it and knew I had to execute it. “Pedis and Mimosas” is something special to me that I can’t even articulate. I saw myself and a celebrity sitting in throne chairs, having a grown and classy conversation, giving a unique twist to conventional celebrity interviews. I started making phone calls to salons in LA that matched my vision, and I found one that was supportive and allowed me to use the salon for free. I only had a budget of $100 to $300, so I paid for the pedicures, the video guy, and some cheap champagne with orange juice, and that’s how it all started. 

When you first started, what was one of the biggest challenges you had to overcome to achieve the success you’re experiencing today? 

One of my biggest hurdles is that I underestimated the growth of my business. When I started, I didn’t think about where it would be in five years and how to prepare for that growth. It’s a gift and a curse to see how much my business has evolved and progressed over time, but it’s also challenging because I can’t do it alone. I need to hire trustworthy people and let them into my world to help me grow my business. It’s sometimes overwhelming to realize that my company is bigger than just me, and people are counting on me to take my company places I never thought of five years ago. When I first started, I struggled with putting my friends in positions of power. Working with friends is never a good idea because you might lose those friendships. I relied on my friends to help me until I put on the boss hat and became the boss. However, I learned to trust my vision and hire strangers who can do the job better than my friends. Trusting in your vision and hiring capable people to help your business grow is essential. 

In today’s entertainment industry, interviews often cover diversity and inclusion topics. Why are you passionate about creating a safe space on your show for people of color to feel comfortable and vulnerable? What topics do you enjoy discussing, and how do you naturally bring people out of their comfort zones during these conversations? 

I majored in psychology because I enjoy discussing mental health, self-awareness, and personal growth. Nowadays, people want to connect with genuine conversations rather than scripted interviews. That’s why I founded “Pedis and Mimosas” to offer more meaningful conversations beyond the typical questions like “What's your next project?” or “What is your favorite collaboration?”. I find such interviews boring and prefer discussing deeper topics we rarely seen from our favorite celebrities. Shedding light on these situations is something I’m passionate about. 

You’ve had the privilege of interviewing some truly amazing people. Who was your favorite person to speak with that opened up during the interview? 

It was probably Miguel Nuñez in season three. He made my job easy and gave me what I was looking for. Not all celebrity interviews are the same, and I can’t always get the same thing out of every interviewee. I often think back to that interview and wish to recreate that vibe every time. It was almost like a Katt Williams effect but on a smaller scale. Although some of my posts have gone viral, they didn’t have the same global impact. Watching other interviews, like Shannon Sharpe’s interview with Monique, reminds me of that feeling with Miguel. He was able to give me exactly what I needed, and nothing was off-limits. Those are the best interviews, where I can ask anything. I wish I could call it a regular conversation instead of an interview, but that’s not always possible. 

I believe in manifestation; sometimes, you must speak things out loud to the universe. Who is someone that you are dying to have at Pedis and Mimosas? 

I am determined to get Issa Rae for an interview. I have been meditating and envisioning her sitting next to me, with her makeup done beautifully, her hair styled perfectly, and that contagious smile. Issa is such an inspiration, especially for someone like me who has a similar background and goals. She has achieved a lot of things that I am currently working towards. I am excited to converse with her because I see myself in her. Though she is only two years younger than me, she is beyond inspiring. A conversation with her will be a dream come true and an opportunity to inspire others. 

What can viewers expect from the Season 3 finale?

The season three finale of my show was exceptional. During the episode, I brought a homeless woman onto the platform. She thought she was going to be pampered with drinks, pedicures, and good conversation to tell her story. However, I surprised her by giving her a place to stay - her first place - and rent paid in full for a year. It was an incredibly moving experience for both of us. My own experience of being briefly homeless in LA, sleeping in my car for three months at the start of 2019, inspired me to do something special for a homeless person. I didn’t want my experience to be in vain, and I wanted to give back to others experiencing the same struggle. So, I planned for this special moment during the pandemic while I was in New York, and from that, I was able to create my nonprofit organization.

 Sarodj Bertin

What inspired you to create

The young woman who appeared on the show for the season finale and received an apartment along with having her rent paid in full. Initially, I thought of helping only one person, but as an overachiever, I couldn’t stop there. I live by the motto that if you are not of service to other people, you’re no good. Therefore, I decided to help more people through pedicures. The basis of pedicures is to provide housing and business resources to struggling and homeless black women entrepreneurs in LA. The idea is to help them nurture their business ideas without worrying about the daily challenges of living. I am the poster child for pedicures. I started Pedis & Mimosas because I probably wouldn’t have ended up sleeping in my car if I had certain resources set in place. Before I began, I had to pack up my apartment as I could not afford to pay $1,700 rent on an Uber income. This made it hard to pursue my dreams while paying for my daily expenses. If I had specific resources, it would have been easier to pay for rent, keep the lights on, pay my phone bill, and pursue my dreams. Thus, I started Pedis & Mimosas to help other women in similar situations. 

When people are in business for themselves, they often feel hesitant to set ambitious goals. As you mentioned earlier, your show has already received over three and a half million views. What are your plans for the future of the show? What is the ultimate goal? 

I aspire to be on TV, and while I know that I can pursue this independently, it can be challenging. When I see the different roles that are required to produce a show, such as being the network, production company, and host, it can be overwhelming. However, if I can show up as a good host, having worn all these hats, it would be amazing to just focus on being a great host. My ultimate goal is to be on a major network, which nowadays could mean streaming platforms.

What valuable lessons have you learned that you can share with future entrepreneurs to help them make better business decisions? 

I have a couple of things to share. The first one is always to keep going, no matter what challenges come your way. I know it may sound like a cliché, but the truth is that the road to success is never easy. It will always be bumpy, and you will often have to clean up messes that are not your fault. I had this realization when I moved to LA in 2007 and have always kept this mentality. Whenever I encounter obstacles, I tell myself I will figure it out and keep going. The second thing is something that I wish I had realized earlier in my career. It’s about the importance of building relationships with other people. Your talent will only take you so far; eventually, it becomes more about who you know. Of course, you need to be good at what you do, but after that, your relationships will help you take your career to the next level. I missed out on some opportunities because I was too shy or scared to approach people. I am learning to cultivate relationships and add value to other people's lives. Networking is not just about what you can get; it’s also about what you can give. Keep going and build relationships with people who can help you achieve your goals.

After cultivating the life of your dreams, besides taking the show to the next level, is there anything else on your to-do list? 

I have a lip line called Pretty Smack Cosmetics. We have ten matte liquid lipstick colors, and the one I’m wearing is called Voluptuous. Currently, eight out of ten shades are sold out, but we will be restocking in about a month or two. We are also dropping a lip gloss, so it will be a full lip line. Our line does not include foundations, blushes, or eye products. We solely focus on lip products such as lip oil, lip butter, lip scrubs, and lip liners. 


On Using My Influence

I want to use my influence to inspire anyone, regardless of race or gender.

On Prayer

I believe God, angels, Archangels, spirit guides, and guardian angels always listen to us. Prayer is the way to communicate with them. If you want to grow as an individual and achieve your desires in life, you need to make requests through prayer. It is not just about asking for material things but also about intangible ones like understanding. Prayer is a way to ask, while meditation is a way to receive answers. Therefore, prayer and meditation are both critical for leading a balanced life. Without prayer, you cannot have a successful life.

Shannon Learning to Listen To My Intuition

I have realized that whenever I ignore my intuition, I face trouble with people, situations, businesses, men, and everything else in general. Intuition serves as an alarm clock, a protective nudge, and a guidance system. It’s similar to a GPS that leads you to your desired destination, but you’re bound to get lost if you ignore the directions. I’ve stopped questioning my intuition, although there are times when I do have doubts. If my intuition tells me something is wrong, I follow it. Being a Cancer sign makes it easier for me to trust my intuition.

On Success

Success does not equal money. Although we are led to believe that success equals money, it is not true. Money is a byproduct of hard work and relationships, but it doesn't automatically mean success. Succ

eOgible, such as happiness, love, family, and sacrifice. I believe that success is not just about making money but also about positively impacting others. For example, I feel successful when I see that my work has helped someone else. This could be through a video clip that uplifts someone's mood, or new show followers. Success is ultimately about the positive impact you make on others.

On Something We all know but still bears repeating.

“Walk by faith and not by sight.” This phrase means we should believe in things we can’t see and trust everything will work out. For example, if I only focused on what was directly in front of me, we wouldn’t be having this conversation now. The path to success can be difficult, and what steps we need to take are not always clear. However, none of our goals are impossible if we believe in ourselves and have faith in the unknown. Our dreams may seem unrealistic, but that shouldn’t stop us from pursuing them. We need to trust our intuition and the feelings in our hearts, even if we can’t see the path ahead. “Walk by faith and not by sight” means that we should trust in ourselves and in the universe to guide us toward our goals.

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