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Nail Color of the Month: Pale Yellow

By Melody Rivera

Ladies! This is your last chance to have anything to do with being pale because the sun is coming out and it is our time to get as tan as possible! This month’s color is pale yellow. Yellow just screams sun and happiness. After a year like 2020, we need that energy, so why not start with our nails? Add a little something to it, like a lemon or sunflower design.

Pale yellow is the next best thing to put on your nails than white. It’s giving a bit of vibrancy without being too obnoxious. Pastels are in right now, and pale yellow is a perfect complimentary color to this trend. Who knows, maybe this could be your color for the rest of the summer! This is going to be a hot girl summer, and your nails need to be just as hot as you are.


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