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Nail Color for February - Pretty in Pink

We are all just getting our nail appointments in just in time for Valentine’s Day. Instead of doing the usual ordinary red nail, let’s spice it up a little bit. This year, let’s try a pretty pink for the celebration. When you think of pink, what comes to mind? Cute, flirty, and fun? That’s exactly what Valentine’s Day is all about. Try the French with a pink tip, or the encapsulated look with red hearts inside. My favorite look by far has to be the different shades of pink on each nail. It’s so chic and you don’t even have to pay extra for a design. If you don’t want to let go of that red, then do a mixture of both. Add a cute, red heart to the side of your nails, or do one hand red and the other pink! Whatever you do, your nails need to stand out and that pretty pink will look 100% better than everyone else’s common red.

Besides, pink roses are better than red anyway, so you’ll have your nails to match.

By: Melody Rivera


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