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Meet The Disruptor: Writer & Producer Dallas Jackson

You can get use to hearing the name Dallas Jackson, the writer and producer wants to continue to bring Black and multicultural stories to the forefront, and he is showing no signs of slowing down. Dallas Jackson is known for Thriller (2018), Welcome to Sudden Death (2020) and Rebel (2017) to name a few and he stays booked and busy. The rising Hollywood filmmaker sat down with Disrupshion's Entertainment Editor Kim to discuss his latest project a new action thriller, The System. The film features familiar and popular black faces in cinema” starring Tyrese Gibson, Terrence Howard, Jeremy Piven, and Lil Yachty is set for a nationwide theatrical release on October 28 and on digital on November 4. The film explores corruption in America’s prison-for-profit privatized correctional system.

Interview By. Kim Dillinger

Jackson, a proud Howard University alumni (one of the nation’s leading HBCUs), was honored with a Bison Honors Award at his alma mater’s Homecoming back in October of this year. The budding creative had a special screening of , “The System” and the students were among the first to see the film and the reviews have been great. As we anticipate the release of the film check out his exclusive Q&A below.

Jackson and Terrance Howard behind the scenes.

Words of advice for future filmmakers and creatives:

"You have to be consistent with your dreams everyday, whether you want to be a writer, director, producer or a person with a regular job where you have to pay the bills. You have to find an hour a day to do something to put ypur dream further down the track. people will say they want to do something but its the little bit you do everyday that adds up."

Jackson and Tyrese Gibson behind the scenes.

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