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How MAYCE Found Her Voice, Again

+ Her New Single The Man That I Met

Meet MAYCE, she is widely recognized as one of today's most respected vocalists and songwriters, with over 130 million views on YouTube and 10 million streams on Spotify.

Photographer: Tevin Baker

Words: Angel Neal

So from swimming, to being a classically trained pianist to pursuing music as an artist. When would you say the singing music bug actually hit you?

When I started playing piano, singing really became a passion of mine. I was trained classically, I loved it, and it was a great learning experience for me. My love really came from hearing pop songs and making different renditions of them on piano by ear. It started happening so naturally.

Growing up in St. Petersburg, Florida how has that influenced your personal style and sound in music?

I performed a lot locally around St. Petersburg and dreamed of performing at Jannus Live in Downtown St. Pete. As far as my live show, I definitely took inspiration from the local bands there and all the spaces we had used to film videos. I think the inspiration for my artistry moe came from traveling and touring.

So you recently became an independent artist. Do you feel more empowered to produce the music you want now? How has it been reinventing MAYCE?

Being an independent artist is very tough. I think the biggest challenge when being independent is fully funding your own project, but things always end up working out and you find people who believe in you. Having that management for so long gave me the illusion of protection around me, but it really was all mental. Separating from that was definitely a difficult adjustment that gave me a new respect for all independent artists. I do feel a lot more empowered now with a lot better direction of where I want to go, no distractions. The initial thought of reinventing MAYCE has been in my head for about three years now. I wanted to do it, and was super nervous, but had a lot of patience. I had to know this is going to be my identity for years to come and this is what I want to be known for. With that constant end goal in mind, it helped me realize that I was making the right decision. I felt renewed, reinspired, and doing what I always wanted to do.

Do you feel you’re at a stage in your career where you know who you are as an artist, a performer, and an entrepreneur?

I am at a stage in my career where I know who I am, I’ve never felt more myself or sat in my own artistry as well as I am right now. I feel empowered, reinvented myself, and like I’ve opened a door for other people who follow me, knowing that it’s okay if you want to take a risk and make a change. Rebranding is a powerful thing and I am definitely so much more authentic now.

Does Utah hold a special place in your heart because in a way it represents a transitional shift in your musical journey?

Absolutely. Utah was such an important part of my life. I fell in love for the first time, different than any other love I’d felt before. I experienced a whole different music culture. It was so real and different. I also met some amazing people who have inspired my music today. Being able to pick up and move to a new state, knowing only one person, was really tough and lonely. It was a challenge for me that I’ll never forget which made it a very special place for me.

One thing we love about artists is their journey of finding their unique style. We noticed streetwear is a huge part of your aesthetic. What is your relationship with fashion?

I really just throw on whatever I’m feeling. I like to set the tone for the day with my fashion. Having an attitude with each look is super important. I love wearing things that match the place that I’m going, it really changes all the time. I can go from preppy Sofia Richie style to straight-up Lady Gaga. You never know what you’re going to get, very unexpected. I do love streetwear and being casual but still elevated.

Do you still run your brand MASE’? How has that been going?

Yes, it hasn’t been as active because I had come out with my first collection around COVID time. Now I have expanded not only my fashion line, but I have a media company as well. I am expanding the brand in all areas and will be putting out more collections with MASE soon after my new music comes out and I get back on tour.

Do you like to experiment with different genres? Or how would you describe your sound?

I love experimenting with all different genres, I think the biggest genre I want to experiment with more is country. I am such a fan and I love all the songwriting abilities, I take a lot of inspiration from country music. I would describe my sound as a blend of alternative pop and a tiny bit of Western.

Today we look at streams, social media, and sometimes don’t really focus on the beauty in the music. What defines a real artist to you in 2023?

I still am very old school and I really look at the stage presence and body language in performance, especially since our world is so digital now. Looking at the artist through the lens and seeing how they connect with the song and perform with it, is a huge indicator of a real artist. If I can feel you through the camera, that’s when I know who is authentic. The way they move, I can tell if they’re singing it to really reach someone.

YouTube has been a big part of your journey. But we currently see a shift that people are more connected with their audience on TikTok and Instagram. How has it been navigating these platforms?

I feel like I have mastered the platforms now, of course, there are definitely things to learn every single day. When YouTube was first shifting for me it was difficult to understand what was happening. With YouTube, the trends come and go so I knew how to quickly pivot and that has been really helpful for not only me but the others that I work with. With social media, you always have to pivot quickly because these platforms are essential now.

You have an ear for remaking songs we saw during your YouTube covers. Now that you are working on original music. Do you write your own music? What do you love most about the writing process?Yes, I write all of my own music, I love songwriting. All of my songwriting comes from a very personal place, whether it happened to me or someone in my life. I love the lyrical side of making music and it’s very therapeutic. It has a very cool way of releasing a lot of feelings for artists and is a great outlet. Putting something on paper is my way of coping with things and putting it out into the world is such a weight lifted off your shoulders. It feels like closing a chapter and an amazing way of healing.

Let’s talk about your new single; The Man That I Met. What inspired the track?

It is about a relationship I was in, in Utah, and it ended in an upsetting way. Usually, when things like that happen, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth about that person, but I didn’t want to feel that way because we did have so many amazing times together. He was someone that I definitely could have seen myself with forever, but things changed and I didn’t want to forget all of the good things about him. It was a growing moment for me in this song, that I could still appreciate the good things.

What do you hope listeners take away from the track?

I really hope that people don’t feel alone in this feeling. Society loves to push the “you deserve better” narrative. I do agree, but it doesn’t erase the moments that we had with people. I did feel alone because everyone was telling me I deserved better but I did love this person and no one can change that. I am not going to walk away from this thinking bad thoughts about that person. I want people to take pride in loving the person they fall in love with and know that everyone has a different way of coping with things.

What are you most excited for next?

I am most excited about the story I am about to tell with the next few singles that are coming out. I have some amazing songs in the works and I want people to be able to listen to these songs and relate to it in some way. I am so excited to connect with people.

Dream collaboration on a song?

Post Malone

Check out the video for The Man I Met , below.

Are you singing your songs in the shower or other artists?

I definitely have my songs stuck in my head a lot because I listen to them all the time. I constantly have a song in my head, I have recently been singing a lot of Miley Cyrus, I love her. I do go back and forth with the songs in my head.

Who’s your R&B soul Mount Rushmore?

SZA, Summer Walker, Snoh Aalegra, Madison Ryann Ward.

Who's your pop Mount Rushmore?

I just came across this up-and-coming artist, Matt Hansen, he is just amazing and has a little pop side to him. I would say him, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Ariana Grande.

Read the full interview in the Fall issue of Disrupshion Magazine, available to purchase here Magcloud.

Where can we follow you?

You can find me on all platforms @mayceworld.


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