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How Fashion in Malcolm & Marie Correlates With Their Revelations

By Jamé Johnson

The Netflix film Malcolm and Marie, which premiered on February 5, 2021 shows the complex aspects of a relationship. Zendaya and John David Washington bring passion to their roles and display qualities of a real relationship, qualities we can see in our own relationships. The fashion choices in the movie correlate with every revelation they uncover.

Marie’s Evening Gown - Jason Remberts’ beautiful dress gives Zendaya’s Marie such confidence during her argument with Malcolm. Even when Malcolm retaliates, she stands her ground.

Bathtub Scene - Marie is stripped bare. Malcolm is playing dirty and attacking Marie in a very vulnerable state. Even as she tries to hold herself together, you see that she is saddened by Malcolm and his words.

Marie’s White Pajamas -The color white is most commonly known to symbolize purity, but I believe in this case it means clarity. After Marie’s dialogue about how she just wants to be thanked for the little things in the relationship, Malcolm and Marie come to a revelation and seem to move forward in their relationship.

Malcolm stays in his suit for a majority of the movie because he maintains a combative stance throughout the film. Only after their revelation does he change into something more relaxed.

Fashion plays a symbolic part in many films; without it, meaning would be lost. The wardrobe team deserves as much recognition as the rest of the cast and crew.

Check out Malcolm & Marie now streaming on Netflix.


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