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House of Aama Brings Folk Tales to Life With a Colorful Display

By, Andi Manakdan

House of Aama invited spectators to sit on long couches; along walls decorated with beautiful tapestries and family portraits. The environment at their Fall 2023 Ready-to-Wear show titled, "Prelude: Aama Tales," had a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The migration of Anansi the Spider, a Ghanaian Sky God, who has traveled from the Gold Coast of West Africa to the Caribbean Islands and North and Central America through stories, riddles, and proverbs inspired the show. Many of these cultures hold spiders as sacred. The spider weaves and protects the family stories in its web. We can see spiderwebs designed in several different looks.

This collection has a light-weight feel and up-beat rhythm about it. There is a balance between flowy and tight-fitting garments. Key pieces are colorful robes created with a lovely geometric pattern. Victorian blouses with flared sleeves are paired with puckered skirts and miniskirts are styled with cropped baby tees. Additionally, looks are styled with unique hairstyles popular throughout the African diaspora, along with feathered heels that are to die for!

Pieces in this collection are aimed at a more mature buyer shown in many of the sheer garments that are perfect for the club, but there are also a few day-time looks that target a younger audience.

Men's garments have a 90s preppy aesthetic with the relaxed fits. Long knitted vests, turtlenecks, cardigans, and bucket hats also give these looks some flava.

Male models are dressed in deep blue denim shorts pared with colorful tees, sweatshirts, and button-downs.

House of Aama uses stories and other elements of the past that enunciate the Black experience to inspire the future with their work. This mother daughter duo including Rebecca Henry and Akua Shabaka, created timeless garments with this collection and will continue to be a grounding force at NYFW.


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