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Hot Summer Trend: Matching Swimwear for Couples and Friends

by Melody Rivera

One trend that I will definitely be hopping onto this summer is matching my bathing suit with my significant other. Couples are getting more expressive and starting to coordinate their swimwear. Even families are doing it. Companies like Target have actually started categorizing the swimwear by family so you can get the same swimsuit for each of your family members. They are even including the little furry ones.

If you can’t find the exact ones, try coordinating it by color. You can wear a striped, red-and-black bathing suit and your significant other could wear something similar to match. This will make your beach and pool day pictures a little more aesthetic. Whether you’re not dating anyone or married, you can still hop on the trend with your best friend. This is for everyone and you will not regret it once you see those pictures.


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