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Glamnetic Lashes: What You Need To Know

By Melody Rivera

Somebody has finally found a solution for the long, messy process of using strip lashes. Glamnetic is a brand that only sells strip lashes that work with magnetic technology. The glue is placed on the skin and lash. When you put the lash closer to the eye, it will connect right to the line you made with the glue on the skin. This process takes about a minute and replaces all of the time you waste misplacing the lash and reapplying glue.

Black eyeliner is not popular because of the messiness it brings, but with this new technology, it will definitely be used a lot more now. The lashes and the glue are sold separately on the website, so you have the ability to choose from a variety. They also have a lash quiz if you do not know which strip would fit your occasion. The lashes are all reusable, waterproof, and latex and paraben-free.

Glamnetic is also running a sale right now. When you buy two lashes, you get one liquid liner for free! I cannot think of a better way to try such an amazing product.


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